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The Spirit Functions of the Crystal Skulls & the Akashic Testimony of Edgar Cayce



They were there from the beginning, in the very design of the whole of it. In our earth and throughout the infinite worlds, they were placed as seeds. They grow, they develop, they evolve and they record all that transpires. They are the ancient Crystals.



Picture by: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0



Our ancestors in the ancient lands could sense them guiding, helping, recording. And they were led to carve and shape the sacred crystal into the Crystal Skulls. As was intended, their souls communicated with the crystals as they passed through these crucibles of denseness, these incarnate realms. Their learnings, their dreams, their sacrifices, their accumulated wisdom, all recorded. For this was the Plan. This Plan is so intelligent, so subtle, so clear in its design, its purpose. It requires only the seeing, the feeling, and thus the alignment with the natural world of this Creation, this Invitation.


Our souls have struggled long in the universes of density and illusion. But we have each other throughout the lifetimes, the greatest of the gifts, the companionship of souls. Many of us have managed to transcend the ego and to truly listen, feel, see and then align. You know their many names through the ages. Then do they transmit the truths from other dimensions.


One of these souls was/is Edgar Cayce who is widely known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’. He was born to Earth in 1877 and passed on to another ‘sojourn’ in 1945. He was a gifted seer who was able to heal himself and many people as he lay in trance, most times with his head aligned to the northern point of soul entry. When he awoke from these trances, he had to be told what had come through him.



Edgar Cayce in younger years



Later on in his life, his ‘akashic sources’ gave him access to information about the great ancient civilizations which now lie sunken beneath the waves of our vast oceans: ‘Mu/Lemuria’ in the Pacific and ‘Atlantis’ in the Atlantic. This akashic information came in bits and pieces in response to questions from people who had requested his ‘Readings’. What came through is information about ancient souls of us first entering this dense, incarnate realm of Earth, and how they used their thoughts alone to project/materialize anything they wished. Gradually did they become trapped in the density of this world with their creations desired. Incarnate attachments soon enveloped their consciousness, with the memory lost of their ultimate spirit identity/identities, their spirit legacy and birthright.


According to the Cayce Testimony, Mu/Lemuria was the first continent where souls chose to incarnate. In the ancient records of China and Japan, I found that ‘Mu’ actually means ‘to incarnate’. Eons later, they also established themselves on the continent of Atlantis. The Cayce testimony thus confirms the validity of the ancient legends of Mu/Lemuria in the ancient records of China, Japan, the Americas and India, and those of Atlantis in the ancient records of Egypt, Sumeria, Greece and Maya/Aztec.


Cayce’s Akashic Sources as well as others have brought forth to us a panoramic view of our ancient history which had been mostly forgotten. It is a vision of the great ancient civilizations of Mu/Lemuria, Atlantis, and later on, their colonies in Egypt, India, Sumer, the Americas and many other locations, all in contact with each other, even to the extent of global communication and conferences. The ‘Akashic Screen’ shows also a portrait of each of the first two great civilizations of incarnate earth.


There you can see Mu/Lemuria, a more genteel, and spiritual culture with its focus on agricultural development, temple building and spiritual development both at home and in colonies abroad. They were the masters of the ‘first use of crystals’ for telepathic communications among themselves and with the information sources beyond the dense, space-time dimensions of the Earth Plane. During one of his more than 14,000 Readings, Cayce was asked which civilization of our earth achieved the greatest level of spiritual development in the incarnate. His answer was Mu/Lemuria. Due to the nature of our souls with the grant of ‘free will’, these periods of development are usually few and far between. The Rise, Decline and Fall of our civilizations has been our pattern for millions of years.


And then there is Atlantis/Poseidia. See their portrait there on the Akashic Screen. Theirs is a strong cultural tradition of spiritual development along with powerful entrepreneurial skills and ambition. Cayce’s sources told also of their great spiritual achievements here in the incarnate realm. The Atlanteans also knew the power of crystals and used them to communicate with other dimensions beyond our incarnate world of earth. For that is the original purpose of the Sacred Crystals.


And then did the Atlanteans go beyond that original function of inter-dimensional communication. They began using the Sacred Crystals as a power source for their machines. Among the machines mentioned in the Cayce Readings are devices similar to our present-day airplanes and submarines. The central power source for these vehicles is described as a ‘great crystal’ housed in a structure similar to our present-day astronomical observatories. It is known as the ‘Tuaoi’ crystal stone and it was able to harness power from the sun and distant stars. Unfortunately, the adventurous Atlantean scientists ‘unintentionally tuned it too high’.


The result was a series of catastrophic earth-changes which eventually led to the ‘Sinking of Atlantis’. Our present-day global civilizations are fast approaching the levels of Atlantean technology especially in the use of crystals for communication and other power devices. These developments thus bring this ancient Akashic testimony intimately to bear upon our civilization and our lives in the present day.


(Note: I was always curious about the word ‘tuaoi’, the name  for the ‘Great Crystal’ of Atlantis which came through the Cayce Sources. It seemed to be more a word from the Pacific theater, a Lemurian word. There is a word ‘tuaoi’ in the Samoan language sphere which means ‘edge’, or ‘boundary’. This seems to corroborate the ancient legends of the ‘Lemurian Crystals’ and the communications between our two major precursor civilizations.)


So let there also be lands between and around them. One of them especially there at the narrow crossroads between Mu/Memuria and Atlantis. Then will these lands serve as one of the main depositories of the records that survive if there come the major declines and the falls in the activities of  our ‘precious souls’ in the incarnate. One significant portion of these lands became generally known as those of the Olmec, the Maya and the Mexica/Aztec.


According to the Edgar Cayce sources, the possibilities of the declines and falls did become the reality. During the more ancient eras, the refugees, the carriers of the ancient knowledge of Mu/Lemuria came forth to these Mesoamerican lands. Much later on, as the destruction of Atlantis/Poseidia unfolded, expeditions were also sent out to the adjoining lands. Cayce reported specifically on some of these groups. One group was of the ‘household of Atlan’, ‘followers of the worship of the One’. There were 10 individuals led by one called ‘Iltar’. They built temples in the ‘Yucatan Lands’ which were later destroyed by the earth changes. These people were of the ‘Followers of the Law of One’ who had tried to prevent the decline of Atlantis  at the hands of the abusers of technology and their own people in their pursuit of wealth and power, the ‘Sons of Belial’.


And so it was that the ancient knowledge recorded within the Sacred Crystals joined that of the Maya of the American Lands. It was the Maya and their precursor culture the Olmec who brought forth to us the clear focus of the Human Head and the Skull. The spirit metaphors run numerous and deep here. They concern the ultimate sacrifice to be achieved by the soul/s of us in this incarnate crucible of the Incarnate Earth Plane, that designed sacrifice of our material attachments, our fears, our minds. The whole of it is destined to be sacrificed in favor of the wondrous, exquisite intelligence of this Creation, this Invitation to Follow the One, the Divine Intelligence woven through the universes and resident in the spirit-heart of us. This ancient and precious spirit wisdom has been transmitted to our modern world by our beloved ancient Mayan soul/s, and our ancient selves. It is entwined deeply within the Sacred Ballgame that they/we played here in this seemingly dark and dense house. It is the ultimate spirit destiny of our enlightenment represented by and through our precious Crystal Skulls. And it is the precise reason that the Crystal Skulls and the Mayan Calendar are drawing us together again, this time over the waters of Atlantis on 12.12.12. We are invited to feel and listen to this ancient spirit testimony meant specifically for us at this crucial time of both challenge and opportunity.




                         Huge Olmec Head / The Ballplayer                             The Speaking Skull of the Ancient Maya                                                  


It was during the 1860′s that the Crystal Skulls of the Americas began to draw the subconscious spirit attention of the European & Eurasian peoples both here and abroad. All this scheduled and intended through the exquisite intelligence of Revelation, of Spirit Remembrance.


All of the incarnate developments and events have been recorded by the evolved souls within the ancient crystals and the crystal skulls as was intended from the beginning. I will speak of one of these Crystal Skull sources here because we are about a consideration of the intent and use of the sacred crystals placed here among us at the ‘Seating’, the ‘Zero Point’, the beginning of a New Age upon the Earth. It is the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull which was found at the Mayan site of Lubaantun in present-day Belize. Anna Mitchell-Hedges was one of the first of the modern Caretakers of the Sacred Crystal Skulls. Her grace, charm, and devotion serves as a model for all of us who have been ‘selected’ to be ‘Crystal Skull Caretakers’. (I can truly say ‘selected’ here because ‘EarthKeeper’, the 9.4oz.Agate Crystal Skull that I now care for was gifted to me at the Crystal Skulls Conference in Los Angeles of 11/11/11. And so EarthKeeper now monitors and transmits the ancient wisdom as I provide Mayan Calendar Readings for the ‘first precious souls.’ of our incarnate Earth. Such is just one small sample of the wondrous happenings and magical things in store for us in this New Age beginning at the cusp of 2012 and 2013 as announced to us by the Sacred Mayan Calendar.)






For many years, Anna Mitchell-Hedges gave access to the Mitchell-Hedges Skull to many people. Among them was a renowned psychic named Carole Wilson-Davis. Carole opened herself to transmissions from this wondrous instrument during several ‘Sessions’ during the early 1980′s. The information that came through her was set down in a book entitled ‘The Skull Speaks’, and it’s sequel: “Beyond the Veil of Time” by her colleague Brian Hadley-James. It is a record of inter-dimensional transmissions that to me ring clear and true. This ‘Akashic Testimony’ corroborates that of Edgar Cayce and many other Sources and Channels among us.





We have finally arrived upon the 2012-13 era, this crucial interval of time foreseen in the ancient Lunar instrument of the I Jing (Book of Changes) of China, the Sacred Mayan Calendar of the American First Nations and other ancient spirit oracles. This cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar began around August 13, 3113 BCE(August 11, 3114 according to many Mayanists). That was around the time when many of the ancient civilizations of Eurasia began: Sumer-Babylon, Egypt, Indus Valley, China etc. These great ancient civilizations all had their declines and falls as had occurred in Mu/Lemuria and Atlantis. Our global civilization is mainly constructed upon the conscious framework of their cultures and learnings. As we move through 2012, we see now this global civilization stumbling and tottering due to the corruptions within their major organizations and activities. The competitiveness, the greed, the insensitivity of many of our organizations together with our abuse of technology all seem to parallel the history of Atlantis and seem to predict our Fall.


It seems as though the Sacred Mayan Calendar is asking us, “Have you yet learned why civilizations rise and fall?” The Fall does not have to occur if we begin to listen to our Spirit Heart through the oracle instruments handed down to us by our ancient ancestors, our ancient selves. Our mind, our brain is enmeshed with the thoughts of the civilizations that fell. Those thoughts cater to our incarnate attractions, twisting our logic of fear into channels of competitiveness and greed. Our minds will be useless to stop the Fall unless we ignore them and begin to see with the heart, to open ourselves to the intelligence of this place.


It is for this reason that the 12-12-12 Crystal Skulls Return to Atlantis Event has been planned. I will be going there with my precious soul companion and helpmeet Nobie Tarpey and “EarthKeeper”. Many of our most renowned Crystal Skulls and their marvelous Caretakers will also be there. The Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo is coming and so are many other seers and spirit-seekers. We invite you to join us for this historic event.





In 2012, the Crystal Skulls Conference Event has been called first to Miami, Florida. Our purpose is to  visit the ‘Miami Circle’ which was re-discoverd there in 1998. The Miami Circle is a powerful Native American sacred site of the Taquesta people near the mouth of the Miami River in Florida.


Before approaching this ancient site, the Crystal Skulls entourage will convene at the ‘Museum of History Miami’ a few blocks away. There we will come together once again and refresh/reset our unity in spirit. As we celebrate our spirit mission, we will also view the the historical exhibits and researches on the ancient Tequesta people. In this way, we prepare ourselves for the approach of the Crystal Skulls to the sacred Miami Circle.


As we approach, we are aware that this Taquesta-designed circular stone foundation not only anchored the posts of this important Taquesta Meeting House; it also held/holds the key foundation/earth offerings.






Across the millennia, it was here that the Taquesta Shamans, gathered the key representatives to make their offerings and perform the sacrifices, the purifications of the Black Drink. At many times, Mayan and Atlantean emigrés were probably among them. It was through these ceremonies that they purified their intent and unified their resonance with the Spirit Intelligence.


And it is to be here again at this sacred site, in the footsteps of the Taquesta, that the 2012 Crystal Skulls Conference participants will make their offerings and perform their ceremonies for the same crucial reasons. The Crystal Skulls will witness our ceremonies and know our intent. By this do the ancestral spirit portals open.


The 2012 Crystal Skulls pilgrims will then board the “Liberty of the Seas” Royal Caribbean cruise ship at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and set sail over the waters of ancient Atlantis to the sacred easternmost point of the Mayan Lands, the Island of Cozumel. Our meetings and ceremonies with the Crystal Skulls will proceed above the bluegreen waters in preparation for our arrival at the Cozumel, the sacred place of Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of the Moon, the Healer and Protector of our precious Women.  It is here where the spirit of Iltar, the Atlantean ‘Followers of the One’, the footsteps of the ancient Mayan Shamans and devoted pilgrims  throughout the millennia all echo strongly for us. The Conference participants will have the opportunity there to visit and access the spirit power and wisdom of the ancient Mayan ceremonial center at San Gervasio.






And then we are scheduled to again board ship and return to Miami. But this is not the end of our Crystal Skull 2012 journey!




On our return voyage across the Atlantean waters, we begin to realize what has changed as a result of our spirit journey. The Crystal Skulls will have guided us to this point so that we will be ready for the higher level transmissions intended for us. As we glide across the waters and back to our temporary headquarters at the Sheraton Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, we commune with each other and open ourselves to the higher transmissions coming through the Crystal Skulls.





Our 12.12.12 Crystal Event participants have the option to attend the “Crystal Skull Sessions and Presenter Workshops” which will be held throughout the day on December 17, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. We encourage you to attend because the deepest revelations activated by the accessing of sacred sites come during the first few days after the physical visit. And in addition, there are the incarnate pleasures of tropical Florida weather and fantastic beaches! For it is intended that we thoroughly feel and enjoy this earthen place!


Again, in 2012,  the exquisite intelligence invites us to listen to the ancient oracles of our ancestors, to use their wisdom to remember our spirit legacy. And with this awareness, this ‘singularity of spirit resonance, we can once again rise to the heights of spiritual civilization that our ancestors and ourselves have reached before in Mu/Lemuria and Atlantis.






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